Pastor's Welcome

Hello Friends,
In this quaint village of Enon nestled between Dayton and Springfield, Ohio; resides our small historic church with a passion for ministry, fellowship and service. Our people have great stories and generous hearts, always striving how best to meet the needs of its people, the local community and beyond.
Our faith is sincere, and our friendship is caring, fun and filled with laughter (and good food). We welcome all to journey with us to discover the still speaking God who calls us towards one another and serving the world. We explore the questions of life and faith together as a community, meeting our God in worship, study and service. We try to make it a place where we can share our time, talents and treasures to live out the Christian ideals we understand in Jesus as rooted in the Bible. While doing so, we discern and discover both our gifts and purposes within God’s vision, wisdom and will for the life of our families and communities. We support each other to trust, affirm and respond as God calls us, individually and as a church.
We celebrate an open table, affirm one common baptism and invite others to share their stories and journeys with us whether for a short while or a longer presence. As we experience the face of Jesus in one another and ourselves, we are blessed with gratitude, hope and joy despite any suffering, service or sacrifice we encounter.
Our awareness that while we are all broken in some way and in some places, it does not define us, for our identity, as is everyone’s is founded in being beloved and blessed by and in the grace of God. That brings us peace and confidence to truly love. We’d like to share that with you through a visit, meeting or ministry side by side.
May the blessings of God’s promises bless and keep you in your own life and faith journey. If God wills it, may our paths cross in the days and months ahead to learn from one another.
In The Spirit,
Pastor Lou Vetri
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